MedPi is an annual business meeting concept where Sell In decision makers (buyers) and Sell Out decision makers (trade marketers and point of sales managers) from France and French-speaking countries retail distribution (physical and digital) meet the suppliers to reference new technologies products for the strategic period covering « back to school » to year end period.

During 3 days, the business community is over all focused on intense trade meetings and devote time to gathering moments.

MedPi allows both to maintain and consolidate business relationships between known partners and promotes exploration and meetings between new contacts in order to discover and open new markets.

A matchmaking web service, My MedPi, promote the identification of new products and new contacts.

Media enrich MedPi’s community. Journalists and influencers discover in preview the novelties that will be presented to the general public in the second half of the year.
A VIP program is offered to buyers from the provinces and abroad: to facilitate their arrival, transportation and accommodation are covered *.

*Subject to conditions and within the limits of available places